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    [Review] Ashley-M Hazel Lens by Klenspop

    If you're into k-beauty, of course, you know that sometimes Korean people tend to use circle lenses to create a cute and more naive look. I used to wear circle lenses a couple of years ago but I left when I discovered that I was a little nearsighted so I thought it was better to do not wear them every day and only in special occasions. In these days, I decided to wear these pretty hazel contacts that I received from Klenspop – these are the Ashley-M Hazel. These lenses usually come with a free lens case and tweezers in a very cute and nice package.

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    [Review] Teca 1% Barrier Cream by ByWishtrend

    This product is kindly provided by Wishtrend in exchange for my honest reviews and thoughts on it. It’s been almost a month since I got this TECA 1% Barrier Cream, the  latest By Wishtrend’s product and I seriously cannot be any more excited, especially since it targets acne prone skin! I’m so lucky that my skin is not acne prone, I just have some break-outs during my period but it’s normal since I eat like crazy and lots of junk food that aren’t healthy but also not good for my skin. So why I accepted when Hae Na from Wishtrend asked me if I want to review this newest By Wishtrend product?…

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    [Review] J.One; Hana Cream

    The "capsule skincare" trend has become one of my favorites, I've been loving Capsule Recipe Pack by Innisfree and the Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream by The Face Shop but today, I'm reviewing the J.One Hana Cream. J.One is a Korean beauty brand created by the actress Ha Ji-won; it started with the brand's top-selling Jelly Pack but the Hana Cream shines brighter for me because each jar comes with pre-portioned spheres of a luxurious moisturizer. Although it's marketed as an anti-wrinkle cream, I'd recommend it for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types but also as a normal moisturizer.

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    Makeup 101: Foundation

    Foundation is always a game of chance. Especially if you buy online and if you're a dark skinned girl like me. Which shade should I choose? Will it match to my skin tone? Is it suitable for my skin type? Is it long lasting, or does it cake? These are just a few of thoughts that I make every time I try to buy foundations online. And we know that the foundation is a humble but strong base for most makeup looks, so choosing one is probably one of the most stressful choices to make for some of us! So, let’s get to the point.