Songs About Mental Illness

WARNING:  This is a sensitive topic, if you feel bad, please do not read!

“Sometimes I’m afraid of myself too, from the self-disgust coming to play again. Min Yoongi is already dead (I killed him)”

In The Last, Yoongi talks about his mental disorders which were severe enough to lead him to see a psychiatrist.

Yoongi’s early life has been filled with pain and hardship, but right now, he has well-deservedly reaped the rewards for his pain.

Min Yoongi continues to be one of the most respected members in the Kpop community and is one of my biggest role models.

The lyrics are real and amazing. Angry when it needs to be, deranged when it needs to be, and downtrodden when it needs to be, it heightens what the track’s trying to say.

” The heavy weight carried on my two shoulders. Nobody knows how scary the mask I use is. “

Before this song, there was a problem between B.a.p and Ts entertainment. They were in a bad situation but they didn’t deserve it. The song really speaks of what Yongguk has probably been feeling for a long time now. Knowing BAP’s situation and reading what they’ve gone through, it sucks to learn what they’ve gone through but going through it yourself really is another thing. Based on these lyrics you can tell he was clearly hurt by people that should have taken him; instead, they were the cause of pain and followed up by feigning concern. The unique music video starts off by showing a watch and then showing the silhouette of the singer /rapper.

Its shows how Bang YG really feels and it’s powerful.

” Even if others think your sigh takes out energy and strength, I already know that you had a day that’s hard enough to let out even a small sigh.”

In Breathe, Lee Hi sings about watching someone else exhale. It’s a simple premise, but there’s still something so moving behind it. Through the melodic vocals, Lee Hi perfectly captures that moment when you’re in a public place and you glance over just as the person next to you releases a heavy exhale.

You may not know them, their burdens, nor their anxieties, but at that moment you completely empathize with them. “Breathe” is all about what lingers in the unspoken, the small wordless actions that connect us through our shared humanity. Jonghyun’s lyrics and Lee Hi’s melodies sweep in to remind us that everyone experiences their own stressors, but what’s most important is that we all take a moment to just breathe.

” Someone please hold me, I’m exhausted from this world. Someone, please wipe me, I’m drenched with tears. Someone, please notice my struggles first. Please acknowledge the poor me. Please help me “

It’s been more than 9 months since we have lost Jonghyun. I’m sorry but I can’t say a lot of things because everybody of us is sensible in his own way. He wanted us to help him to escape from his dark life and told us about his depression but nobody understood it and we lost an amazing man.

“I curse the blue skies. Sometimes I wanna lay it all down. I want to say goodbye. When I stop wandering at the end of this road, I hope I can close my eyes without regrets.”

“What we wanted to say was that not only Big Bang but also all famous people who stand under the spotlight in front of the public are just human beings said G-Dragon.

All these people are the same humans who get their feelings hurt sometimes and smile sometimes. I think the lyrics were written based on their own experiences. Somebody may not have a friend and somebody may not have love.

Everyone lives in a different situation and depending on how you accept it, this song could be your story.

“Wake up another self inside of me. The faint light. Wake me up, open my eyes”

Looking at the track lyrically, it’s impossible to not feel something when listening to the song. The theme of “waking up” plays on the phrase “get woke” or gain awareness. The first verse of “Wake Me Up” hints at this meaning with “I’m awakening a different me inside, the faint light that was turned off. Wake me up. Open my eyes.”

The way the lyrics are structured, they can pertain to social issues, mental health awareness, and strengthening social awareness. Like a rose, the song has many layers that make it have the depth it has; all-the-while, it remains relevant and relatable to a global audience. The fact that each line can be taken and applied to different situations makes the song an artful masterpiece.

” I’m not in physical pain. Nevermind, maybe I am. Something’s been keeping me up. It’s not my alarm, It’s nightmares and overdosing on pills”

This track describes the hardship of going to a counselor and how doctors dismiss his mental health by offering pills instead. These lyrics definitely hit hard on our emotions as it can be seen that San E was honest and open about his sufferings in life.

Furthermore, the video showed week’s worth of San E’s life, where fans could definitely see his struggle with mental health. It surely brings chills of the reality that San E is suffering and people close to him judging him wanting to see a therapist.

The whole concept of his inner demon trying to get him to settle on mood altering medications just fit well his lyrics. The accompanying music video features San E going through the nightmarish highs and lows of mood changes associated with anxiety and depression.

” These days, life is like spring and fall The good thing about that is Everything passes by quickly. Some people turn me into someone who isn’t me. They put me up and down. Then they leave me “

The lyrics, written by Gaeko and Choiza, are moving in its poeticism that is laced with a melancholy and weariness with life. In the song’s verses, Choiza and Gaeko’s voices deliver a story of one struggling to find hope in a seemingly directionless life.

None of the three vocalists feature in the MV. Instead, the MV follows an elderly man as he strolls through an expansive field of grass. At a certain point in the MV, he starts running but visually, it appears as though he remains still in the field that extends into the horizon. No matter how hard he tries to move forward his background remains static – like he has not moved at all. Paired with the lyrics, the MV dramatizes the lethargy towards life that seems especially poignant for an elderly man who has already strived through numerous years of living.

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