Skinny Coffee Club, Does It Really Work?

This product was kindly provided by Skinny Coffee Club in exchange for my honest reviews and thoughts on it.

Hello, everyone!

Even though some of us are too proud to admit it, we’ve all wondered if “Skinny” teas or coffees can magically make you skinnier, just by drinking something you probably already drink everyday. Wouldn’t that be nice? Netflix and chill while drinking coffee and then POOF… I’m instantly skinnier and hotter?!

Even though I’m a blogger myself (and I really don’t like to consider me as a blogger because I think that be a blogger isn’t just having a blog), I know that a lot of the times when a blogger is pushing a product such as tea, jewelry, sunglasses etc., it means they were compensated for it, which may sway their written opinion about the product. That’s why I wanted to bring you all an honest opinion on the Skinny Coffee Club coffee that I have been trying out for a while now.

For starters, I contacted the Skinny Coffee Club because I really wanted to try their product and see if effectively it’s a holy grail like all influencers claim. I’m not sure if they accept me because they checked also my blog or just my Instagram profile.

They sent me the Chocolate Moka Edition 28 Day Program and a workout/eating guide, which I did not stick to it as I have my own routine and a lot of ingredients that they had on the eating guide are or really expensive or hard to find here in Italy. I’m not sure if this comes standard with every skinny coffee purchase, or just for their “ambassadors”.

The programs cost anywhere from $30 to $70 – more or less – depending on the length of the program and there is free shipping worldwide which is great in my opinion.

Important infos

What it is

The Skinny Coffee Club program is ideal for those looking to lose weight, fast. Our limited edition Mocha day program has all the powerful fat burning capabilities of the Skinny Coffee original in a brand new flavour, Chocolate Mocha, to curb those cravings. Who knew losing weight could taste this good?

Formulated with all-natural, highly sought after ingredients each sourced and selected for their unique properties. Our experts have worked tirelessly to provide you with the ultimate solution for simple, fast and effective weight loss in the tastiest way possible. 

Product claims

  • Trusted By Over 1,000,000 Dieters;
  • 92% Noticed Visible Results;
  • 94% Lost Weight At A Fast Rate
  •  92% Noticed Visible Results In First Week
  •  97% Experienced Increased Energy Levels
  •  92% Had An Improved Complexion Or Radiant Glow
  •  99% Said It Taste Amazing
  •  99% Said It Was Simple
  •  Trusted By 1,000,000+ Happy Dieters



The ingredient list that came on the package states:
Instant coffee, sugar, sweet whey powder (milk), fat-reduced cocoa powder 14.5%, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, siberian ginseng, skimmed-milk powder, salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E 551), flavouring

How to use

(from package)

Step One: Add 1 teaspoon of mocha powder into your favourite mug and add 140 ml of near boiling water.

Step Two: Grab your spoon and give it a stir!

It’s recommended that you drink without milk and sugar, however if you would like to you can ue coconut milk or almond milk accompanied by Stevia as sweetener.

Only a mug of Skinny Coffee is required each day.

I did not use a mug because I was lazy and I usually don’t drink coffee so I decided to drink it in a normal glass with a little almond milk.

I drank the coffee consecutively for several evenings while studying because I needed something to help me stay awake and sometimes I would miss a day or two.

My Thoughts

The first time I tried this coffee, I was surprised at how it definitely tastes like coffee but I was not able to finish it since I got sick and got appendicitis about two weeks ago and still now I’m not able to eat and drink properly as I used to do.

For what I’ve tried, I need to say that it really works as it claims because I lost something like five lbs in two weeks, having a regular diet and walking around one hour each day. Actually now I don’t know if I’ve lost weight because of my appendicitis or because of the coffee but I think it was because of the last one.

Definitely, I can tell you that if you are going to use this product, I would recommend seeing it as an extra tool for weight loss and not as the only thing you are doing to lose weight.

I also highly suggest that you do your own research on this product and maybe also consult your doctor.

I hope you found this helpful if you were considering this product. I promise that these opinions are 100% true and my own.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any questions or comments. 

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