My TWICE Biases

Today I want to introduce my Twice biases and yes it’s plural because for once I can’t just have one bias. I’ll admit I still haven’t seen much of Twice’s shows; Sixteen, Twice TV, etc….; so I still have a lot to learn not only about the individual members themselves but also the group as a whole. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from loving the group and my bias list from growing.


So I have this thing where my first bias in a group is usually the first member I can recognize and tell apart from the rest. In the case of Twice Momo ended up being that member, in my opinion, she stuck out the most in Ooh-Aah era (which is my first Twice era). Not only because of her blonde hair but her outfit and dancing. I remember I kept following her with my eyes while watching the MV. Soon after I watched Hit the Stage where I fell more in love with her. Honestly for me falling for Momo was easy, she is really charismatic on stage even if she wasn’t my bias I think it’d be hard to take my eyes off her during stage performances. Plus I still can’t get over the “I can only do the tissue thing” moment, ugh she’s adorable.


Again another member I noticed in Ooh-Aah era, mostly because of her short haircut. I always kept my eye out for her as I admired her boyish looks and I felt her mature voice was refreshing. I really loved her look in Knock Knock, which finally pushed her into a bias position (I just couldn’t ignore her anymore). I was really excited when Signal came out because for once she had a lot more lines. And despite loving her boyish look; like Jaijin from Sechskies; I’m actually happy to see her hair growing out, she’s looking gorgeous with every comeback.


The newest addition to my bias list. I’m actually surprised it took me this long to officially add her to my bias list because it’s been a long time coming lol I’ve just been holding off on it but when she was the first one to pop up in Heart Shaker I was a goner.

So that’s it! At the moment I think I’m done adding biases for Twice, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up biasing all the members especially after learning more about them. The plus side of having multiple biases is that I’m not picky about which versions of albums to get.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Twice and loving them more because I’m pretty sure if I’m not a Once already I’m turning into one.

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