My Korean Learning Guide


Today, I will show you guys a list of stages I follow when studying. This is just more of my opinion.

1. Learn Hangul; the Korean alphabets.

It would be easier for people to learn Korean if one studies how to read and speak it at the same time. The Hangul is the best start; for someone who wants to learn Korean. It takes just hours to learn Hangul.

If you need where to learn it, you can check my post (x) where I talk about it. 

2. Learn how to count

Numbers are essential to all languages. You might wonder why I said learning numbers is what’s next after learning Hangul. My reasons are:

First of all, Korea has two number systems; the Sino Korean and the Korean system of counting. From my point of view, memorizing the Sino Korean numbers is a lot easier than learning the Korean numbers. The good thing is that when you learn the numbers, they stick in your brain always and easily. Korean gets harder to study as you go on in your learning journey, so learning easy things when you are 100% motivated can help a lot.

Secondly, Numbers are part of your vocabulary. So if you know the numbers, then you have 5%-10% vocabulary already. You would find out when learning grammar that you already know a big area of Korean.

Korean number system is used for counting the number of items/age and Sino Korean are used for dates, money, addresses, phone numbers and numbers above 100.

3.Memorise simple vocabulary

Learn vocabulary that is easy, common and so simple to learn. The wider your vocabulary; the easier it will be for you to cope with the grammar and sentences.

Try apps, there are a lot in the app store. You can also look for Konglish words. I would write a list about Konglish words as soon as I can.

4. Learn basic conversational phrases

With basic conversational phrases I mean Hello, Thank you, I’m sorry, Nice to meet you, My name is….. and so on. Once you know these phrases, you can socialize. You can make Korean friends online. 

5.Study basic grammar

English grammar is totally different from Korean grammar. So you have to:

1. learn the sentence structures;

2. Learn the grammar. Korean grammar has rules attached to their nouns,adjectives and verbs;

3.know that Korean grammar is also based on respect and hierarchy:

4. Korean language has what they refer to as particles which they attach to words to show the role of the words in sentences. So as you can see, grammar is the major backbone of the Korean language.


1.Do not be discouraged. Do you know that having interest for languages is the biggest motivation and talent a person can have? So just know you can do it, no matter what; you will be successful.

2. Watch Korean dramas and listen to their songs. Memrise the songs or imitate idols in the Kdramas. You can use it as a motivation but do not rely on the grammar because they use informal and uncommon words.

3. Make a study plan and study goals.

4.Do not be afraid to ask for help when you do not understand stuffs. 

And that’s all! You already know some of this advice but they are my go-to advice. Hope you find this helpful!

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