Mamamoo, Are They Racist or Not?

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I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while. Mamamoo has honestly received so much unneeded hate so in this blog, I would like to go through the controversies that they have gone through and the one’s they where unjustly accused of. If you are one of the people who think Mamamoo are racist, please read this with an open mind. Anyways let’s get on with the blog.

Quick disclaimer: i am an African American but I live in Italy so I deal with racism almost every day…

The Black-Face Incident

Almost everyone knows about the infamous Bruno Mars incident. The girls did a cover of Uptown Funk and while wanting to match Bruno as much as they could, they darkened their skin, essentially doing black face.
A lot of international fans we’re super upset at their actions and made sure they knew their wrong doing. Eventually the word got to Mamamoo and the released a formal apology.

While their cover was super ignorant they learned from their mistakes and became more educated because of it.
Yet people continuously bring it up as a reason to hate on mamamoo.
The cover was deleted and they haven’t done anything similar since.

The Solar SNL Incident

Ok, so another thing that happened was Solar’s snl “incident”, and the reason why i put incident in quotation marks is because it wasn’t even an incident, it was a situation taken completely out of proportion.Solar was accused of doing black face in an SNL skit while playing a beggar or a poor person.
Now when you think of a begger or a homeless person do think of them as a clean faced person?
Of course not, usually they’re dirty and unclean which makes sense since they live on the street. But once again people took it as a racial thing and attack Mamamoo, saying that they didn’t learn their lesson.

Honestly I expected her face to be caked with black makeup, I would have kinda understand, but after further research I found this:

This was what the controversy was all about. This was not a display of blackface at all.
People just like to make thing bigger than they are. It was a skit, she was playing a role. If her face was completely clean, she wouldn’t fit the role.
Honestly out of all of the Mamamoo controversies this has to be the dumbest.

Hwasa Saying The N Word

This situation isn’t talked about much but I can’t ignore it.
From what i heard, Hwasa did a cover of Irreplaceable by Beyoncé and dropped the N word, which is no way apart of the song. I also heard that she got the lyrics from Melon (correct me if i’m wrong), which means Melon added the lyrics themselves not Hwasa. If this is true, she shouldn’t have to apologize, Melon should.

What you guys have to understand is that korea doesn’t know much about American history and most Koreans don’t know that these words have deep personal meanings, so to them they’re just words, but to us they are much more. So education is all we can do. Canceling won’t fix the problem, it’ll only let the ignorance fester.

Why Mamamoo Is An Awesome Group

Mamamoo has a dynamic about them that is unmatched by any group. Their personalities along with their amazing music shows their characters. They have always manage to blow me away comeback after to comeback, always displaying a different style with each one. Not to mention their uncanny ability to make me laugh. While they have done these things they are still people and they make mistakes, and while I am not trying to throw them under the rug, bringing up how “problematic” they are in every conversation about Mamamoo isn’t OK.

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