Lesson Through Kpop: Momoland’s Bboom Bboom

Hi, guys.
Recently I was enjoying kpop songs and since I know almost all of you listen to kpop songs too, I came up with the idea of teaching lessons through Kpop.
I will be choosing two sentences from kpop songs and I will be explaining it, one by one.
From today, I will try posting blogs once every day.

Today’s song will be Momoland’s Bboom Bboom.

Let’s start!

내 머리부터 뿜뿜.
내 발끝까지 뿜뿜 뿜뿜.

From my head, bboom bboom
To my toe (or tiptoe), bboom bboom

내 means ‘my‘. This is a short version of 나의.
머리부터 means from the head.

  • 머리 means head.
  • 부터 is used to show when or where an action or situation started, it means “From” or “Starting from” and is usually connected with 까지.

어제부터 means ‘from yesterday’.
2015년부터 means ‘from 2015’.
서울부터 means ‘from Seoul’.

발끝까지 means ‘to my tiptoe’.

  • 발+끝;  means’ foot’ or ‘toe’ +  means ‘end’, so toe+end means the end of your toe or tiptoe.
  • 까지 means “until” or “to“. Like I said earlier it is usually associated with 부터 to complete the thought of “From… to…” and “Starting from… until…”.

I hope you liked this type of post!
‘Till tomorrow!

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