Korean Words You NEED To Know

Very often happen – especially at the beginning – to see a Korean drama and to hear some words but not to figure out what they mean.
For this reason, I have drawn up a list of the most common terms that you should know if you are learning Korean.
  • Ahjumma / 아줌마: an older woman, typically the age of a mother or an aunt but not your relative.
  • Ahjusshi / 아줌씨: an old man, typically the age of a father or an uncle, but not your relative.
  • “Aish!” / 아이씨: expression of frustration and irritation.
  • Ani|Anyo / 아니|아니요: No.
  • Annyeong / 안녕하세: “Hello” when you are near someone; “Goodbye” but informal.
  • Annyeonghaseyo / 안녕하세요:”Good morning” and “Goodbye”, formal.
  • Annyeonghigyeseyo / 안녕히 계세요 세요: Goodbye (“I will go first”)
  • Babo / 바보: Stupid.
  • Bagel Girl: Girl with young face.
  • Byungtae / 벼태: Pervert.
  • “Daebak!” / 대박: “Impressive!”
  • Deh: Yes.
  • Dongsaeng / 동생: Younger person than you.
  • Fandom: Fan club
  • “Fighting!”: “Good luck!”
  • Flower Boy: Boy with female features.
  • Gomawo / 고망워: Thank you.
  • Hoobae / 후배: person who is your junior.
  • “Hwaiting!”: “Good luck!” (written this way since Koreans have issues with “f” sound).
  • Kamsahamnida / 감사함니다: Thanks.
  • K-Pop: Popular Korean music.
  • Maknae / Magnae / 막내: literally means “the youngest”.
  • Neh / 네: Yes.
  • Oppa / 옵바: used by girls to refer to older boys / brothers.
  • Sarang / 사랑: Love.
  • Saranghae / 사랑해 : I love you.
  • Sasaeng / 사생:  stalker.
  • Sunbae / 순배: person who is your senior.
  • Ulzzang / 울짱: “Best face”; used when referring to a person who has gained fame because of their appearance, typically on the internet sites.
  • Yeh: Yes.

These are terms that you listen most often when you see a drama.

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