Korean Street Style

Today’s post is about Korean Street style. More specifically, what are some key “points” in such style. So let’s begin!


If you know anything about Korean fashion (or youth fashion) it’s more than likely that you have seen fishnets become a trend and part of the street style aesthetic. It’s an amazing way to layer without making your outfit too “bulky”, almost like an accessory.

It’s become a staple in Korean Street fashion, and let’s be honest, fishnets are pretty dope.


Maybe it was just me but 2017 was the year that belts skyrocketed in popularity.

They add color and style to an outfit and street fashion as well as idol fashion had it’s well fair share of these really colorful belts. Although black belts have stayed popular since forever.


Whether it is bucket hats or caps, they’ve become extremely popular in the youth and street style fashion scene. It’s a cool way to add more to your outfit, and it’s also convenient for sunny days.

Platform Shoes

Last but not least platform shoes!

Platform Shoes are so popular in any type of style but add so much character to street style outfits. It’s also a nice way to look taller. Platform shoes can be sneakers and boot which is awesome because you have options.

Honorable Mentions

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