Korean foods and their meaning

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Today I’m here to tell you something about certain Korean foods, on what occasion they are eaten and why.
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미역국 (seaweed soup)

Korean people believe that seaweed cleans the blood, so when a woman gives birth to a child because she loses a lot of blood and shared 9 months everything with the baby in her belly and in order to help her body to get better fast she will be given 미역국 as the first meal after she gave birth.

But to what other occasion do you eat 미역국? At your 생일 (birthday)!

But why at your 생일 (birthday)? To thank your mother! She ate that soup at the day of your birth so in order to thank her you would eat it at your birthday.


북어포 (dried fish)

This one is basically just dried fish but this food has a really powerful meaning. Even though nowadays many Korean people are not familiar with the meaning anymore since 제사,a memorial ceremony hold on 설날, Korean new year isn’t that common anymore. Korean people would place the 북어포 (dried fish) on the 제사상 (the table of the memorial ceremony).

They believe that the 북어포 (dried fish) will bring you a lot of children an makes you wealthy.


수수팥떡 (red bean paste rice cake)

수수팥떡 is a red bean paste rice cake with sorghum millet! You will most likely find it at a 돌상 which is a baby’s very first birthday and a big big deal in South Korea. Of course, this food isn’t for the baby, more for the mother. The meaning of 수수팥떡 is that the baby won’t have any bad happenings and will grow healthy.


국수 (noodles)

Noodles. Yes. But not just any noodles. Korean noodles, 국수 (noodles). So Korean people believe that they give you a long and happy life. That’s why 국수 are usually eaten at a 결혼 잔칫상,wedding feast.

In the past, the couple would serve this dish to their guests but these days people like to serve a big buffet at their wedding. The married couple, on the other hand, will most likely eat 국수 on their wedding day.

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