K-Makeup 101: How to Clean a Puff

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to show you how I clean my makeup puffs! Some of you may want to ask me why I don’t just buy new ones and that washing isn’t as hygienic as buying new ones. Well, the answer is this: I have very oily skin and my puffs are caked with sebum and makeup within 8-10 uses. If I bought a new puff for the times where I needed to wash a puff, I would need around 5 puffs a month. With that said, let’s move on to my little tutorial! When the puff is this caked, it confronts me with a few issues:
  • The powder does not stay on the puff and I just end up patting my face with the icky caked stuff.
  •  The cakey sebum and makeup from the puff blocks the holes in the dispenser in my powder container.
  • The caked puff becomes a 5-Star hotel for bacteria.
Here is how I get my puff to become like new:

I apply a very generous amount of cleansing oil to the puff and massage it in for around 30 seconds. The cleansing oil that I’m currently using is the Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil. I then rinse the cleansing oil away with warm water.

Directly after rising the cleansing oil away, I add a gentle and antibacterial soap to the puff. It’s absolutely crucial that the soap is antibacterial! The soap I used here is from Sagrotan. I then massage it in until it foams up and rinse it with warm water. It’s important to rinse for a much longer time in order to remove all the soap from deep inside the puff. Squeeze the puff and let it absorb as much water as possible, and then squeeze it again. Repeat this until the water is running absolutely clear and bubble-free. After this, I press the puff in a clean towel to absorb excess water and then let it air-dry face-up. The puff will be as good as new and ready for your next makeup application! This may seem like an obvious thing to some, but I have seen some people asking if it’s okay to clean and reuse puffs – yes it is! This is simply how I do it. Thanks for reading!

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