How to learn products’ ingredients in 5 minutes?

If you want to be a more cured and educated fan of k-beauty and skincare, this is the guide for you.
Today, I’ll talk about how to understand the ingredients of a particular product and find out what’s not right for your skin type.

Why ingredients matter?

Ingredients tell you a lot about product effectiveness and health safety; no matter what the product declares to do, count the ingredients.
Understanding ingredients of a potential product that you are going to buy is very important especially for people with very delicate skin.
Products contain so many ingredients that it is difficult to keep track of all and unfortunately not all of us have an amazing skin that can tolerate everything. That’s why you have to be more cautious!

How to understand ingredients?

Fortunately for us there are websites that can help us.
Even K-beauty products have a lot of innovative ingredients so it’s good to understand them.
There are 3 main websites you can use to understand your cosmetics:

Each of these instruments has its pros and cons.


🖤It’s just an “ingredient analyzer” to understand products instantly;
🖤you can create a profile so you can save the products you consult in order to search them faster;
🖤also gives you a small product review.

🖤I would like to see more information on “remarkable ingredients”;
🖤there are not enough reviews on the platform;
🖤the site is optimized only for PCs and not for cell phones.

Paula’s Choice Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary

Pros 🖤great for understanding a product. Cons. 🖤there is not enough information of ingredients.


🖤has an own ingredient analyzer;
🖤tells you if a product is comedogenic and / or irritating;
🖤it’s easy to understand thanks to the table.

🖤the database is messy, there are so many duplicate products and inexact ingredients
🖤the website is very old;
🖤some of the scores are incorrect.

How I use them?

🖤Skincarisma to quickly understand the remarkable ingredients and see the ingredients that do not fit my skin type;
🖤Paula’s Choice Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary to check all the ingredients I do not understand ;
🖤CosDNA for any red flag for acne and irritation.

So basically, you will know if a product works and althught if it is good or not for your skin. It’s a pretty simple process and you will make amore informed beauty fan.

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