Female Idols’ Fashion: Airport Fashion, BlackPink

Hello, guys!

Today’s blog is all about airport fashion, specifically blackpink!

I hope you enjoy their stylish outfits!

Let’s start!

❁ Jennie❁

L E F T – O U T F I T

This outfit is a nice, casual but still very stylish look, keeping her look presentable and sleek, I am loving her white shoes. Adding some ripped skinny jeans with a shiny black belt is a great combination with her “The Beatles” top tucked into her jeans. Her glasses are definitely my favorite part of this outfit; metal round frames suit her so well.

R I G H T – O U T F I T

Probably my favorite look of hers that I have seen. she looks so beautiful with her skinny light washed jeans, a nice flowy buttoned white top (with flowy sleeves which I love), and some nude heels. This look is well presented, she looks really chic, expensive, and like she’s ready for business.

❁ Jisoo ❁

L E F T – O U T F I T

Her hat accessory really stood out for me. it definitely adds to the whole outfit. I also love her frilly blue detailed shirt that is sort of see-through and tucked into her dark blue denim skirt. of course, can’t go wrong with pairing your outfit with a good pair of white sneakers.  this outfit is very different from what I’ve seen before but I love it. definitely stands out.

R I G H T – O U T F I T

I think jisoo loves playing with different clothes which make really amazing unique outfits. this is more of a grunge outfit I think, with the tiger print and a skirt that has lacing on the sides. also her hair matches this look perfectly.

❁ Rosè❁

L E F T – O U T F I T

bias timeeee! my fellow aussie queen! rosé likes to keep her outfits really casual and comfy. she always pairs her shirts with black tights or jeans, still looking cute and precious as ever! she always pairs her outfits with a small crossover bag to bring out some colour and good style in her outfits. making herself not look cheap hahaha.

R I G H T – O U T F I T

I absolutely loVVEE this outfit on her!! i am a huge sucker for turtlenecks and big coats. her ripped jeans make her style not so formal with the turtle neck top cropped also. it looks more like causal street fashion. i just love this outfit so much I’m in awe.

❁ Lisa ❁

L E F T – O U T F I T

again, i lOVE the fluffy teddy jacket that she is wearing. that’s the best part of the outfit that stands out the most. keeping the rest of the outfit simple with a black cropped top and some jeans.

R I G H T – O U T F I T

I think I just liked this outfit because how cute she looks in a bucket hat. I love bucket hats also haha but she can definitely pull them off better than I ever can. she styled the bucket hat nicely with a long sleeved cropped top and some black shorts. keeping her sporty and summery look strong.

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