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    K-Style With Rosegal!

    Hello, everyone! It’s Diangie here and I would like to talk to you about a website that I discovered and I think it has a lot of clothes that I liked and that in a sort of way can be styled as Korean girls would do! This website is Rosegal, a website that was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. They sell a lot of cool stuff like tops, dresses, jeans… And the coolest thing is that they also sell plus size clothes, a thing that I rarely see on Chinese websites. That’s awesome!I will choose five items…

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    Korean Street Style

    Today’s post is about Korean Street style. More specifically, what are some key “points” in such style. So let’s begin! Fishnets If you know anything about Korean fashion (or youth fashion) it’s more than likely that you have seen fishnets become a trend and part of the street style aesthetic. It’s an amazing way to layer without making your outfit too “bulky”, almost like an accessory. It’s become a staple in Korean Street fashion, and let’s be honest, fishnets are pretty dope. Belts Maybe it was just me but 2017 was the year that belts skyrocketed in popularity. They add color and style to an outfit and street fashion as well as…

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    How To Style: Layered Sweaters

    It’s starting to get chilly everywhere and that’s the perfect weather or time to wear sweaters!! Normally some wear sweaters alone or over tank tops and some wear vests on top of sweaters but there’s this trend I’ve been seeing where it’s kind of preppy in a way but you wear collared shirts under sweaters and over other things.

  • Male Idols' Fashion

    Male Idol Fashion: G-Dragon

    I swear that also if you are new in the world of kpop, you have listened for sure of a group called BigBang because this is one of the most iconic and famous group. Within this group, there is – in my opinion – the most famous idol: G-Dragon. I love his style and that’s why I decided to talk about it in a post but before let’s go and learn something about this amazing singer.

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    Be Yourself

    The past year has been a lot of struggle and stress for some of us. For me, there hasn’t been any good memories. Some of you still struggle with things like not being satisfied with their style or appearance. With this post, I want to give you a bit of motivation and cheer you up and try to make you have more confidence in the things you’re doing. I really hope that all of them will come true and I also hope that you all will work hard for these dreams and goals.