How To Improve Your Korean Handwriting

As beginners in learning Korean and their alphabet 한글, a lot of us struggle with the curse of blocky handwriting.
There’s no shame in it though, all of us have it at one point – even native Koreans!
This is most probably due to the block structure of the writing system. However, as in any language – the more we practice the more we get lazy with our handwriting and we also adopt the letters to fit our writing flow better!

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How And How NOT To Learn Korean

Have you been learning Korean or teaching yourself for a while?

Many people are learning Korean but are you sure you’re learning the right way?

I’m a non-Korean speaker but I speak fluently four languages – Italian, English, German and Spanish – so I can definitely say that I’ve tried a lot of methods to learn them.  I’m going to tell you how and how not to learn languages but in particular Korean.

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