• Grammar

    Stroke Order

    While you are in this community, or if you go outside, you will be able to see many different Korean words. It will be extremely beneficial to write these down in order to retain the information in your head. With this lesson, we will be showing you how to write in Korean properly so that your learning experience can be easier! It took me a while, but I have found a diagram for you to follow. So grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and start practicing!

  • Grammar

    Syllable Structure

    Now that you know the basics of Hangul, let’s look at syllable structure.Unlike other writing systems, Hangul is written syllable by syllable, or by ‘blocks’. Take a look at the following: How many ‘blocks’ do you think there are in 안녕하세요? If you answered ‘5’, you are correct!Each of these ‘blocks’ is letters put together in syllables in order to make up one word: an-nyeong-ha-sae-yo. Syllables ALWAYS start with a consonant (C), which is then followed by a vowel(V):● C + V Examples: 가, 우, 네, 르, 캐 The two-character configuration is only the minimum amount of letters needed to create a ‘block’.● C + V + CThe last consonant…

  • Vocabulary

    Korean Words You NEED To Know

    Very often happen – especially at the beginning – to see a Korean drama and to hear some words but not to figure out what they mean.For this reason, I have drawn up a list of the most common terms that you should know if you are learning Korean. Ahjumma / 아줌마: an older woman, typically the age of a mother or an aunt but not your relative. Ahjusshi / 아줌씨: an old man, typically the age of a father or an uncle, but not your relative. “Aish!” / 아이씨: expression of frustration and irritation. Ani|Anyo / 아니|아니요: No. Annyeong / 안녕하세: “Hello” when you are near someone; “Goodbye” but informal. Annyeonghaseyo /…

  • Tips

    How To Improve Your Korean Handwriting

    As beginners in learning Korean and their alphabet 한글, a lot of us struggle with the curse of blocky handwriting. There's no shame in it though, all of us have it at one point - even native Koreans! This is most probably due to the block structure of the writing system. However, as in any language - the more we practice the more we get lazy with our handwriting and we also adopt the letters to fit our writing flow better!

  • Grammar

    The Korean Alphabet

    Anyone who is passionate about South Korea will find themselves wanting to learn the language, surely the first step from which we must pass is to learn to read the hangul (한글), the Korean alphabet. Learning to read Korean will only take you some days, if not only a couple of hours and if you already know Hangul, then this will be a good review! Please note: I will explain the alphabet in order to, hopefully, make it easier to understand. 

  • Tips

    How And How NOT To Learn Korean

    Have you been learning Korean or teaching yourself for a while? Many people are learning Korean but are you sure you're learning the right way? I'm a non-Korean speaker but I speak fluently four languages - Italian, English, German and Spanish - so I can definitely say that I've tried a lot of methods to learn them.  I'm going to tell you how and how not to learn languages but in particular Korean.