[Review] Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid 97%

Hello, guys!

Today I’m going to review my favorite moisturizer that I’ve been using a lot in this period because I went through bad-skin days and I don’t know why. Actually, I am talking about an acid, the hyaluronic acid… A natural acid that is completely safe on the skin and which acts as an amazing moisturizer!

The product that I’m talking about is the Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid 97% Serum.

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[Review] Elizavecca, Hell Pore Clean Up Mask

I’ll be honest, the reason I wanted to try this is that I watched Tati’s video and seeing her tear up trying to peel this off sort of made me laugh. I’ve had experience using peel-off masks before (along with nose strips) and they generally don’t hurt me much. They also don’t usually remove blackheads from my pores either, so I mostly use them for a bit of fun and just general pore cleaning.

For Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clean Up Mask though, the product had been hyped so much and there are so many (way overly faked) screaming videos of people peeling it off, that I just had to try it out for myself.

For this review, please keep in mind that different skin types and sensitivities will react differently – my own is generally not very sensitive (aside from allergies) so what doesn’t irritate my skin might do yours.

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[Review] ByWishtrend, Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Today I would like to write a review about an exfoliator toner that I received last month from ByWishtrend.

When talking about exfoliating toners, Pixi Glow Tonic would first come to my mind, as it is one of the earlier ones to emerge and quickly became a cult favorite. Then came The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, at a fraction of Pixi Glow Tonic price and with a bigger volume. What these two have in common is that both contain glycolic acid, which has the smallest acid molecule and can be irritating to sensitive skin folks – like me–.

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How to learn products’ ingredients in 5 minutes?

If you want to be a more cured and educated fan of k-beauty and skincare, this is the guide for you.
Today, I’ll talk about how to understand the ingredients of a particular product and find out what’s not right for your skin type.

Why ingredients matter?
Ingredients tell you a lot about product effectiveness and health safety; no matter what the product declares to do, count the ingredients.
Understanding ingredients of a potential product that you are going to buy is very important especially for people with very delicate skin.
Products contain so many ingredients that it is difficult to keep track of all and unfortunately not all of us have an amazing skin that can tolerate everything. That’s why you have to be more cautious!

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[Review] J.One; Hana Cream

The “capsule skincare” trend has become one of my favorites, I’ve been loving Capsule Recipe Pack by Innisfree and the Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream by The Face Shop but today, I’m reviewing the J.One Hana Cream.
J.One is a Korean beauty brand created by the actress Ha Ji-won; it started with the brand’s top-selling Jelly Pack but the Hana Cream shines brighter for me because each jar comes with pre-portioned spheres of a luxurious moisturizer. Although it’s marketed as an anti-wrinkle cream, I’d recommend it for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types but also as a normal moisturizer.

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