BTS Airport Fashion Recreations With YesStyle

Hello, everyone!

This post is all about BTS’s airport fashion, but not just that. This is also about recreations of three great BTS looks – I left out Rap Monster and Hoseok, Suga and Seokjin but I will do a similar post with all seven for sure! – at an affordable price using the app/website yesstyle.

What is YesSyle? is a highly regarded online fashion store based in Hong Kong. YesStyle is known all over the world and has customers especially in Japan and America. Here you can find mostly women’s clothes, shoes and accessories, but there is also a section for men, although very small in comparison.

Yesstyle is one of the 16,000 most visited websites in the world and enjoys wide popularity.

The peculiarity of YesStyle is that it does not follow only the latest trends in China, but is also very updated on fashion from Korea and Japan. This does not mean, however, that fashion is interesting only for Asian women and men. For this, I tested the store and I was not disappointed. The package arrived there after two weeks without customs stop. Even the clothes met my expectations.

Throw all of the Chinese websites like, and so, my favourite is YesStyle and that’s the reason why I choose to create this blog post using their clothes.

Despite that, I was not compensated by YesStyle for creating this blog post, I did it because I truly believe in this online fashion store, I liked their products and their policy.

With that being stated, let’s go and start!

Outfit #1

I really love this outfit that Jungkook wore back in 2017 because it’s very simple and effortless.

Despite that, I decided to make this outfit a little less simple and more feminine in some sort of way.

I think the beanie that I found looks pretty similar to the one that Jungkook wore; after that, I choose a simple black crop top and black skinny jeans and brown boots that are super-feminine.

Knit Beanie; US$ 4.58

Crop top; US$ 3.98

Boots; US$ 22.23

*Total of the outfit= less than UD$55

Outfit #2

This is for sure one of my favorite outfits so far and the one that I feel would look awesome on everyone.
I had a few issues trying to find a good shirt that looked like the one V’s one but it was almost impossible so I stuck with this one.
s jeans I choose a distressed pair because I think that plain one would look something like too professional-y and the same happened with the shoes.
The belt is the part of this outfit that I love for sure!

Tank Top; US$ 11.07

Face Mask, US$ 1.98

Striped Blouse; US$ 6.58

Slip-Ons; US$ 11.56

Round Leather Belt, US$ 4.18

Total of the outfit: less than US$ 55

Outfit #3

Personally, I love this outfit wore by Jimin and was one of the difficult one to find clothes because I didn’t find the bag that he was carrying and the t-shirt that I could only find as long sleeve.

Despite that, the outfit is kinda simple but stylish at the same time.

LINSI - Striped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Bolitin - Lace-up Oxford Shoes
MOL Girl - Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses; US$ 6.42

Bling Thing - Layered Necklace

Layered Necklace; US$ 3.63

Phoenoa - 925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet; US$ 8.46

Total of the outfit:  under US$80

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know which outfit was your favorite in the comments!

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