Be Yourself

The past year has been a lot of struggle and stress for some of us. For me, there hasn’t been any good memories.

Some of you still struggle with things like not being satisfied with their style or appearance. With this post, I want to give you a bit of motivation and cheer you up and try to make you have more confidence in the things you’re doing.

I really hope that all of them will come true and I also hope that you all will work hard for these dreams and goals.

Well then, let’s begin!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

”I love that style and I wish I could wear something like that, but I lack confidence…”

Stop worrying.

Like Walt Disney said, stop talking and just DO and WEAR the clothes YOU WANT to wear.

“What are the others going to think about me?”

I’m like that too, but don’t you sometimes question yourself why you actually care?

I do and I’m tired of caring too much about what others think. It’s hard to just stop worrying and caring about their opinions from one day to the other, but guess what

I believe in you.

I really do. You can do it. The next time you go shopping, buy the things you like even when they’re crazy and wear them on the streets with confidence. People who wear their clothes with confidence are so much more attractive and charming than people who are unsure about their feelings towards their outfit.

Most of you probably know GD, right?

Not many people would wear the outfits he has, but he still is a fashion icon and he looks good while wearing them.

Guess why?

It’s his confidence and mindset. He feels comfortable in these clothes and that shows through.

So if you really want to wear the clothes you want, then just do it.


The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.

This quote is like the saying “No one will love you until you love yourself”. I can’t tell you if it’s true with the love part, but when you have confidence in yourself the others around you will notice.

Have you ever seen a person on the street and you’re like “Wow, I really love her style.” I think that happened to some of us already. I’m the kind of person to sometimes go up to them and tell them my thoughts about their outfit and it’s always really cute to see the person smile.

Most of them say, that they just wear the clothes they want and feel comfortable in and when people tell them that they look good then that’s a cool plus.

Maybe some people have already had thoughts like that when they saw your outfit but were to shy to tell you.

Wear the clothes you like and feel comfortable in and you will most likely feel a difference after a while.


Fake it until you make it! Act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality.

Well, there’s not much to say about this quote.  Just stop caring what the others think.

”You don’t need to care about what the others think. You’re confident in yourself and that’s it. Screw the others.”

Just like that.

Because in the end, you’re the one who’s wearing the clothes or who’s doing this or that. In the end, they all forget their judging thoughts after a few minutes or the next day and don’t even remember what you wore or what you did.

Be hopeful.
Be confident.
Be yourself and love yourself for who you are.

Right now, I really hope that this could motivate and cheer some of you up. While writing this, I actually found out that I’m not that good at writing inspirational blogs than I would like to be.
Thank you to everyone who read this blog and I really really wish you good luck in 2018.

Let’s start working hard on our goals and dreams.

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