Asian Makeup vs. Western Makeup

Makeup is a form of art that is spectacular in every nuance; styles can change if it is influenced by the culture and shape of the person’s face. Obviously, it is also influenced by the nation where the person is or lives.
There is nothing better to make up by trying different styles and then find your own!
Personally, I came across the world of makeup in general almost five years ago and about two years ago I discovered that I’m also passionate about Korean makeup.
In this post, I will discuss the differences between Western and Asian makeup, but more specifically the Korean one.


Asian girls tend to use a foundation of their own skin color that accentuate their skin almost always impeccable and imperfect thanks to their skincare.
Pretty much Korean girls use BB Cream instead of the foundation because it has a lighter coverage.

Western girls tend not to have a pale skin like Asian girls, they always point to a tanned and sun-kissed look.


Asian girls often point to flat and thick eyebrows to give their face a softer and childish look.
Western girls do the opposite: eyebrows are thin in order to give personality to their face.


Korean girls apply natural and pearly eyeshadows on their eyelids because they give a more delicate effect.
The eyeliner is applied to try to curl it as little as possible. To make bigger eyes also apply white pencil in their inner rhyme.
Americans or Westerners generally try to have dark or vivid colors on their eyes to create a smoky. The eyeliner serves to give intensity to the eyes so often they also make a pretty tall and dramatic flick.


Western girls here also point to a more dramatic look so they often use fake eyelashes to give the impression of having them naturally long.
Asian girls do the exact opposite so they rarely use fake eyelashes.


Here too Asians point for a more delicate and fine look so they rarely use bright colors.
Occidental girls do the exact opposite since fleshy lips are considered more desirable. For this reason, the contouring of the lips is very much discussed.

In conclusion, we can say that Asian girls are focused on a natural make-up, almost second skin while the westerners point to a more sexy and sophisticated look.

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