An [Un]Helpful Guide to VIXX

Today I am here with a guide to a very amazing group that I have fallen for again recently.

Since I have seen many people express a liking for them yet still not know the members, I thought this could be helpful to new fans.

So here is my guide to VIXX!

NOTE: This post is purely humorous, don’t take it seriously.

Basic Info

Risultati immagini per vixx
  • Name: VIXX
  • Sub Unit: VIXX LR [Leo x Ravi]
  • Numbers of Members: 6
  • Members: Hyuk, Ravi, Hongbin, Ken, Leo and N
  • Fandom Name: Starlight
  • Entertainment: Jellyfish
  • Debut: 2012
  • Known for their story heavy concepts and deep lyrics. Also referred to as “Concept Kings” because of their creative and innovative concepts.

Wine Mom


  • Nagging Mom
  • Shows love through the attack
  • Random leg lifts
  • Always shows up to members solo activities
  • “You’re doing great Sweetie!”
  • #1 Leo stan
  • Just wants Leos love
  • Literally scared of everything
  • Actual Angle
  • Really wants to prove he’s cute



  • Looks intimidating
  • Actually just extremely socially awkward
  • Don’t push him too hard in social situations or he freaks out but he’s gotten better
  • Very shy especially to compliments
  • Resting bitch face
  • Only super soft to Ravi
  • Hurt him and Starlights will come for you
  • Will throw hands for his boys
  • Can switch off emotions at will
  • Lowkey the natural aegyo prince of kpop

King Raveh


  • Songwriter extraordinaire
  • Woke as fuck
  • “To the rappers who try to get attention by writing lyrics degrading women, each and every one of you should eat your dick like candy”
  • Has a dog named Butt
  • Also has a solo career
  • #1 Ken Stan
  • Swaggy Rapper on stage
  • Pure Fluffball off stage
  • Terrified of bugs
  • Lowkey sucks at everything but music lol
  • Very protective of his boys
  • Overall a cutie please give my boy love



  • Never shuts the hell up
  • The reason N cant sleep at night
  • #1 hype man
  • Probably the reason the maknae line grew up so weird
  • Pouts 24/7
  • “LoVe mE”
  • Designated aegyo boy
  • Really LOUD
  • Also the definition of extra
  • Kind of a twat
  • He’s cute though so it’s okay
  • Overall just a puppy

Artificial Human


  • Too pretty to be real
  • Actor
  • The Eye of Judgement
  • Won’t let his Hyungs live
  • Hyuk’s BFF
  • Kinda awkward but its cute
  • Lowkey everyone’s bias wrecker
  • A meme
  • Hates everyone especially himself
  • What even is going through his mind?
  • We love our bean though
  • Just be prepared for bias attacks from his perfect ass



  • Was a very scrawny boy
  • Now he grew up to be a MAN
  • Is a slut on stage
  • Is stronger than his hyungs
  • Flings Leo around like a damn fidget spinner
  • He may act like he hates them but he’s actually lowkey hella soft for his hyungs
  • Probably learned to play nice after they ditched him at a gas station
  • Seems very cocky and kinda douchy at times
  • Is actually just a total sweetheart
  • He just struggles to express himself
  • Overall please love him

That was my Unhelpful Guide to VIXX!

I hope this was at least somewhat entertaining for you to read.

If you are considering looking into VIXX more, I would highly recommend it because these boys are not only immensely talented but also so charming.

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