A place to breathe.

I’m Diangie and I’m 16 years old and I love books, writing, buying beauty products and dreaming about traveling the world but especially I would like to travel to South Korea.

I was born in Habana, the capital of Cuba, on 21st October and there I spend my childhood but, when I was 6, I moved to Italy with my family.

Here in Italy, I attend a High School where I study English, Spanish, German and, of course, also Italian.

Basically in this blog. I will try to write in all these languages to improve myself but also because I would like to know people all around the world, discover more about them and more and more…

I think that – as all teenagers do – I have a lot of thoughts and that’s why I decided to start this blog: have space where express my thoughts, what I like and what I don’t like so much.

Choose the main topic of this blog was very hard because I like a lot of stuff but at the end, I decided to talk about South Korea because is where I figure myself in my future.

So basically in this blog, I talk about what I like most about South Korea: k-beauty, k-pop, k-drama and also some culture.

Currently, this blog is a hobby and something that I enjoy working on and it covers a wide range of ideas and categories.

As an avid researcher at heart, I hope that this blog can be helpful in some way to someone. I gather inspiration from everything around me, and for those willing to read, I will be more than happy to share them with you.

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