Peripera’s Pink Moment Collection (Ink Velvet Tints & Blush)

Hi again, everyone!

Recently Peripera launched this new collection for the fall season have been denominated as Pink Moment Collection.

I bet most of you guys have already seen this collection around Instagram and other SNS’s but I’m going to include the pictures here anyway. 

This collection has many itemshintsand the packaging design as well as the colors make want to buy every single thing!

In this collection you can find:

Peripera’s Ink Gelato series (5 new shades)

Peripera’s Ink Velvet series (5 new shades)

 Peripera’s Blush velvet series (3 new shades)

Peripera’s Ink Color Cara series (3 new shades)

 Peripera’s Pink Moment Color Palette

Now, I was eyeing the collection since it was released because I’m usually checking the Memebox’s app to keep it up with their promos.

Sadly I just could grab these 3 items because the other shades I was interested on(and I actually was planning to get) were already out of stock..

Anyway, I got 2 shades from their Ink velvet series:

#17 Hip Beige Pink

This shade is my favorite! The shade is kinda close to a brick’s color but lighter and has some tints of pink which compliments my complexion since orange-ish shades usually won’t look good on me.

I thought the texture was a bit glossier in this shade but it looks like I got a wrong impression. They are both the same. 

#19 Bewitched Red Pink

This shade is a bit on the brighter side. I still like the color because it’s wearable and it looks really hints when you pair it with the shade #17

It looks like a combination between red and pink and I do believe it can work as a MLBB shade if you just use a tiny amount of product.

Some other facts about those lip tints:

  • It’s creamy and looks silky-velvety on the lips.
  • It doesn’t dry out the lips.
  • It last some hours but is not transfer-proof so keep i mind that if you drink/eat it’s most likely you gotta retouch your lips again.
  • It does stain a bit tho.
  • It does cling on dry patches but not as much as their Airy version.
  • A small amount of product works fine on the lips so those tints can last a long time.
  • All the shades are really pigmented.
  •  It smells like tutti-frutti 

I paid 4,900₩ for them but they are usually around 9,000₩. I’m sure you can get them for 1-2 bucks cheaper online tho.

The lighter color is shade #17 and the darker one #19. I intended to do gradient lips on my model, lol  So spot the difference! 

Last but not least, the blush:

Peripera’s Pure Blushed Velvet Cheek #07 Cozy Creamy Cheek

This shade is def something I’ve been looking for a long time! It’s a peachy color and looks natural on the skin.

Its creamy but the texture is similar to the airy’s version. You know, like powdery?

  • I think it comes out easily so maybe you wanna use a good primer with this.
  • The shades are wonderful.
  • It’s compact so you can easily throw this anywhere in your bag.
  • It has no fragrance.
  •  The color is not so pigmented.

I also paid 4,900₩ for this one but it usually cost 8,000₩.

And that’s all for today’s post!

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