How To Improve Your Korean Handwriting

안녕하세요 여러분!

Hello everyone!

필체를 개선하자!

Let’s improve our handwriting!

As beginners in learning Korean and their alphabet 한글, a lot of us struggle with the curse of blocky handwriting.

There’s no shame in it though, all of us have it at one point – even native Koreans!

This is most probably due to the block structure of the writing system.  However, as in any language – the more we practice the more we get lazy with our handwriting and we also adopt the letters to fit our writing flow better!

So in this blog we will go through every consonant.

Let’s go!


I want you to write this Korean sentence in the way you want to write about it. You can use the tips in this post, or do your own thing – handwriting is your own personal thing so nothing is really right or wrong as long as you can read it!

이거는 제 현재 필체입니다!

This is my current handwriting!

o practice some more words and sentences; here are some different group names that you might even recognize!

세븐틴 – Seventeen

크나큰 – KNK

방탄소년단 – BTS

엑소 – EXO

엔시티 – NCT

트와이스 – Twice

블랙핑크 – BlackPink

로미오 – Romeo

빅뱅 – Big Bang

아스트로 – Astro

갓세븐 – Got7

스트레이 키즈 – Stray Kids

레드벨벳 – Red Velvet

소녀시대 – SNSD (Girls Generation)

동방신기 – DBSK (TVXQ)

take the group name + the word 사랑해요.

________ 사랑해요!

this spells out: I love you _________!

Now you can write it down, post a picture of it, come back in a while and maybe see how far you’ve come! See the progress you’ve made💕

Next lesson: How to write the vowels.

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