1st Day At School: K-drama Version

I saw this challenge and thought it looked fun. This is my first time joining in on one. I’m not so good at creating Korean names, so I’ll put the actor’s name and a short backstory.

So here it goes, my first day at school in k-drama land…

Homeroom Teacher

Park Hae Jin

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He’s strict and a knowledgeable teacher. He pretends to not be interested in the kids too much other than their studies. He has a soft inside that always has him ending up as a person students go to when they need help or advice.

Best Friend

Chae Jung-an

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She looks sweet and innocent but she’s a tough girl. She loves her friends and family and stands up for what is right.

Mean girl and her best friend

Kim Ji Won and Jeon Soo Jin

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•They’ve been stepsisters since grade school. They’re about the same age. Kim Ji Won’s character is smart while Jeon Soo Jin’s character is more of the screw-up. They used to live overseas where they were each other only friends. In result, they tend to look down on other people but care for each other very well. They have well-off parents.


Kim Woo Bin

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•He’s smart and works hard because his family barely gets by, he prefers to keep to himself and likes to be alone which makes him come across as rude sometimes, but he has a good heart and he’s very observant about people.

Crush on me

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Lee Jong Suk

He’s my best friend. He didn’t realize his feelings until recently but doesn’t know how to confess.


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Kim Hae Suk She’s eccentric and first comes across as crazy, but she’s actually really wise. Most things she does or says may seem random at first but will later have you thinking or it will tie into a life lesson. Which is why she is respected by anyone who knows her. (I was a bit inspired because she was a pretty character)

And there it is.

My cast for my first day at school in Kdrama land. Hope you enjoyed it!

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