• Grammar

    Stroke Order

    While you are in this community, or if you go outside, you will be able to see many different Korean words. It will be extremely beneficial to write these down in order to retain the information in your head. With this lesson, we will be showing you how to write in Korean properly so that your learning experience can be easier! It took me a while, but I have found a diagram for you to follow. So grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and start practicing!

  • Grammar

    Syllable Structure

    Now that you know the basics of Hangul, let’s look at syllable structure.Unlike other writing systems, Hangul is written syllable by syllable, or by ‘blocks’. Take a look at the following: How many ‘blocks’ do you think there are in 안녕하세요? If you answered ‘5’, you are correct!Each of these ‘blocks’ is letters put together in syllables in order to make up one word: an-nyeong-ha-sae-yo. Syllables ALWAYS start with a consonant (C), which is then followed by a vowel(V):● C + V Examples: 가, 우, 네, 르, 캐 The two-character configuration is only the minimum amount of letters needed to create a ‘block’.● C + V + CThe last consonant…

  • Style

    K-Style With Rosegal!

    Hello, everyone! It’s Diangie here and I would like to talk to you about a website that I discovered and I think it has a lot of clothes that I liked and that in a sort of way can be styled as Korean girls would do! This website is Rosegal, a website that was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. They sell a lot of cool stuff like tops, dresses, jeans… And the coolest thing is that they also sell plus size clothes, a thing that I rarely see on Chinese websites. That’s awesome!I will choose five items…

  • Reviews

    [Review] Purito Centella Green Level Buffet Serum

    Hi guys! I wanted to show you a rather interesting product I found while looking around for a serum during the summer after having finished the one that I was using, the Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Elizavecca. The product goes on clear and has no real fragrance. Does go on sticky but pat it in and let it absorb for 30 seconds to one minute and it will no longer be sticky, my skin absorbs it fast. If you apply toner or other products while it is still wet it will become stickier. I used it for almost two months but I didn’t notice differences so actually, I…

  • K-pop

    Mamamoo, Racist or Not?

    Hi, guys! Sorry a lot for not having upload for almost two months but I was busy with school… I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while. Mamamoo has honestly received so much unneeded hate so in this blog, I would like to go through the controversies that they have gone through and the one’s they where unjustly accused of. If you are one of the people who think Mamamoo are racist, please read this with an open mind. Anyways let’s get on with the blog. Quick disclaimer: i am an African American but I live in Italy so I deal with racism almost every day… Almost…

  • K-Makeup 101

    K-Makeup 101: How to Clean a Puff

    Some of you may want to ask me why I don't just buy new ones and that washing isn't as hygienic as buying new ones. Well, the answer is this: I have very oily skin and my puffs are caked with sebum and makeup within 8-10 uses. If I bought a new puff for the times where I needed to wash a puff, I would need around 5 puffs a month.

  • K-pop

    My TWICE Biases

    Today I want to introduce my Twice biases and yes it’s plural because for once I can’t just have one bias. I’ll admit I still haven’t seen much of Twice’s shows; Sixteen, Twice TV, etc….; so I still have a lot to learn not only about the individual members themselves but also the group as a whole. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from loving the group and my bias list from growing. So I have this thing where my first bias in a group is usually the first member I can recognize and tell apart from the rest. In the case of Twice Momo ended up being that member, in…

  • K-Dramas

    1st Day At School: K-drama Version

    I saw this challenge and thought it looked fun. This is my first time joining in on one. I’m not so good at creating Korean names, so I’ll put the actor’s name and a short backstory. So here it goes, my first day at school in k-drama land… Homeroom Teacher Park Hae Jin He’s strict and a knowledgeable teacher. He pretends to not be interested in the kids too much other than their studies. He has a soft inside that always has him ending up as a person students go to when they need help or advice. Best Friend Chae Jung-an She looks sweet and innocent but she’s a tough…

  • Vocabulary

    Korean Words You NEED To Know

    Very often happen – especially at the beginning – to see a Korean drama and to hear some words but not to figure out what they mean.For this reason, I have drawn up a list of the most common terms that you should know if you are learning Korean. Ahjumma / 아줌마: an older woman, typically the age of a mother or an aunt but not your relative. Ahjusshi / 아줌씨: an old man, typically the age of a father or an uncle, but not your relative. “Aish!” / 아이씨: expression of frustration and irritation. Ani|Anyo / 아니|아니요: No. Annyeong / 안녕하세: “Hello” when you are near someone; “Goodbye” but informal. Annyeonghaseyo /…

  • Style

    Korean Street Style

    Today’s post is about Korean Street style. More specifically, what are some key “points” in such style. So let’s begin! Fishnets If you know anything about Korean fashion (or youth fashion) it’s more than likely that you have seen fishnets become a trend and part of the street style aesthetic. It’s an amazing way to layer without making your outfit too “bulky”, almost like an accessory. It’s become a staple in Korean Street fashion, and let’s be honest, fishnets are pretty dope. Belts Maybe it was just me but 2017 was the year that belts skyrocketed in popularity. They add color and style to an outfit and street fashion as well as…